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Through artistic works, we hope the audience can realize the value of space and the importance of relations that the artist is trying to portray in a certain frame through a picturesque dialogue, and also receive a reinterpretation of the inspiration of music.

We have been running educational and research institutes studying creative music and creative drawing in relation to music for children.

We also take on various cultural projects and have planned and prepared for artistic education programs.

Children are pure and noble, and we draw and compose with the aim of providing hope to the world that they will live in, and that it will be full of meaningful relationships.


An intuitive technique utilized by the ‘eyes and ears’ and from them the ‘visual and auditory stimuli’ is needed to understand this work of art.  

Additionally, for people who has deciphered previously by the eye observe by listening to the sounds of content, which in and of itself can develop into new artistic content, and we want to contribute to this new development into cultural art in which various types of elements converge and becomes a platform that is new and adventurous.

Founder HJ.KIM

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